Daily prompt – Help, I’m on fire!!!!!

Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Grab 5 Items.  Wow.  Where to begin!  Knowing that my cat is safe – she would be priority number one for sure!

Doing a mental scan of the cottage :-

My Desert Island Book Stock.

This would be essential.  I have a collection of 10 books that i will never get rid of.  I can go back to them again and again, read them over and over.  They are like friends to me.  I can get lost in the plots over and over again, let my imagination run wild with the characters.  They are somewhere i can go when i am down, depressed, stressed and looking for a little bit of soothing.

My laptop.

This is kind of like my life.  I have everything stored on there.  Music I haven’t found the energy to transfer to my External Drive, photos of the family (who I never get to see!), emails and correspondence dating back years, stories that I have written (or attempted to), the many projects that I have attempted to start and never finished, my plethora of recipes that I have collected over the years (that I will probably never attempt to try!) and a whole shitload of other ‘stuff’ that I want to keep.

My External Hard Drive.

This would be an extension of the above.  Years and years of music stealing collecting and owning.  Nothing much else on it really, besides my music, but my music kind of rules my life.  Without it I would be a lost soul for sure!

My pictures.

Yeah, I know.  I own a handful of small original works of art from a few close people that are invaluable to me.  A pencil sketch of a Rose that my mom did about 40 years ago for my Gran which I inherited.  It is the only hand drawn sketch I have that my mom did, which is sad as she is a really good artist.  I have 2 Joan Evans oils, both not the norm that she usually did, also inherited from my Gran.  And a couple of others that have great sentimental value to me.

My Teddy.

Yes, I know.

He is called Red Ted.  I was given him the day I was born by some relative, can’t remember whom.  But he goes everywhere with me.  He travelled to boarding school with me for 7 years.  Sat on the passenger seat of my beat up old Mazda 323 when I travelled across the country in Zim to set up home in a completely new town.  Spent 3 days squashed into 1 of the 2 suitcases I had to my name when I left Zim and moved to South Africa.  The number of tears that that Ted has soaked up over the years, the number of secrets he holds, the number of stories he has been told.  I swear if he could talk…

3 Responses to “Daily prompt – Help, I’m on fire!!!!!”

  1. All good choices to take with you Sam ;-)
    What do I take though? But I will take the laptop and the drives.
    Don’t have a teddy, but will take my photo albums. And of course my gorgeous phone and charger!!!

  2. All indications are that Red Ted should be WAY top of the list!

  3. Interesting selection Sam… I’d have to say my laptop and external hard drive too. :)

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